superior Roofing Installation in Killeen, TX

A new roof is an investment in your property that provides both protection and design appeal. When you’re thinking about updating your roof, call the professionals at All Pro Roofing and Construction. We offer competitively priced roof installation in Killeen, TX, and the surrounding areas. With our quality materials, courteous service, and timely job completions, we have established our company as the one more customers trust.

Whether you want asphalt shingles, metal, slate, or any other roofing material, we work with a broad variety of options to suit your goals and budget. Our services ensure that you have the right roof that suits your home’s design and protects it from the elements. As our customer, you can count on friendly, responsive professionals that are careful to respect your house and lawn during the installation process.

In addition to installation, we provide other services as well, such as roof repair and gutter replacement. Please call us today if your roof needs work. If necessary, we will assist with filing your insurance claim, and then we’ll get to work on promptly and correctly fixing or replacing your roof.

Service after the Sale

Protect the investment you have made in new roofing by relying on a detail-oriented repair team. When your establishment is hit with severe weather, the roofing may have sustained damage that isn’t immediately apparent from the ground. Take a proactive approach to home improvement and call our team for roof repair in the aftermath of a storm or heavy rain. 

We have simplified the roofing process through a focus on the customer and a dedication to quality. Get an estimate on the pricing involved with your repairs as well as the help you need dealing with your insurance company. Being prompt with your claims is a priority for everyone at our roofing group. We do everything we can to resolve the repair and help you submit a claim in the required time. 

Critical Roof Leak Repair 

Just because a leak may be out of sight doesn’t mean you should ever put it out of your mind. That leak could saturate your insulation, leading to the possibility of mold or insects infesting the interior of your structure. Have your roof regularly inspected by contractors that know what to look for and what to do to resolve the issue. 

So, call us right away for a prompt and courteous response. We look forward to working for you.