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When storms or even just the passage of time have damaged your home, contact All Pro Roofing and Construction to put your property back to rights. Our repair and renovation team handles storm and roof repair, and beyond. We’re proud to be the only name you need to know for full-service construction repairs. Contact our team of roofing contractors in Killeen, TX, today!

Storm Repairs

When making decisions about something as important as your home and property, you want experienced professionals who have your best interests at heart. At All Pro Roofing and Construction, we handle everything from roof leak repairs to window and door replacements, always treating each job as if it were done on our own home, giving you the best quality work possible.

For your convenience and peace of mind, we also work diligently with your insurance company to make everything as good as new. Contact us and let us send our field consultants to your location in order to provide you with an estimate.

Window Replacement

Shine a little more light into your space with new windows. Our full-service window replacement services will keep your home just as you like it.

Roof Leaks

Tiny leaks can be deceptively dangerous. Make sure they don’t cause huge headaches down the road by choosing our experienced roof repair crew. We also handle new roof installations when necessary.

Man Providing Storm Damage Repair - Killeen, TX

Cleaning up after a storm is no easy task. However, with the assistance of All Pro Roofing and Construction, it becomes a lot simpler. Our storm damage repair services are the perfect solution to get your property restored, no matter what damage is done.

Our professional repair technicians take care of all of the work, ensuring that your home is brought back to a livable condition. After the repairs are done, we then work with you to help you file your insurance claims.
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High-Quality Work Done Quickly

When you use our team to take care of your home repairs, we ensure that the job is handled as quickly as possible, while strictly following all building codes. From roof leak repairs to window and door replacements, we always treat each repair as if it were our own home, giving you the highest-quality work possible.



Contact us when you need repair work done on your home after a storm. We proudly serve homeowners in Copperas Cove, TX and the surrounding areas.

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